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Freezer meals

Great nutrient dense meals already prepped and ready to grab.

I have been prepping and getting ready for baby girl to arrive and that includes making sure good, healthy, & nutrient dense food is cooked & can be pulled out out of the freezer when we don't have the mental capacity or energy to even think about cooking.

I have chosen to focus my freezer meals to be mostly AIP/Paleo & with high nutrient density. When I started down this journey I knew I needed some containers and most likely an extra freezer. I have been wanting an extra freezer anyways for the ability to buy meat in bulk, so this was a good excuse! I got this one from Lowes: Chest freezer

Containers I bought: Loaf pan & deli containers

Now for the what you are MOST interested in... the meals!

  • AIP Meatloaf: I double this recipe getting about 4 mini loaves worth and getting 2-3 servings out of each loaf pan. To up the nutrient density, I added nomato sauce & pureed grass-fed beef liver.

  • Paleo Chicken Pot Pie: I doubled this recipe and got 6-8 mini loaves worth of 2-3 servings out of each loaf pan.

  • Nutrient dense chicken soup: I just did one big batch of this in my instant pot, which gives me about 8 servings of soup.

  • AIP Bison Chili: I did not double this recipe and it likely will give me about 5-6 servings of chili, I added pureed liver to this as well.

  • Paleo freezer waffles: I got a mini waffle maker back in the summer, which makes the perfect size freezer waffles. I mixed up a box of this mix and just made a huge batch of waffles and threw them in the freezer. I like to do this anyways just to have quick grab and go breakfasts.

  • Zuppa Tuscana: I looooove this soup so much. I did one normal batch of this but used steak bites instead (just because that is what I had).

  • Paleo Pumpkin Bread: I love all things simple mills, so I baked 1 box of this bread and got 2 mini loaves out of it.

  • Paleo Banana Bread: I know that I will likely be relying on carbs while breast-feeding so I made sure to have a few breads that are easy to eat with one hand, but still nutritious. I love this banana bread recipe, because it keeps the sugar low.

  • Paleo "oatmeal" raisin cookies: not everyone's favorite cookie, but I love them, and this recipe is so yummy!

  • Paleo granola bars: I found these homemade granola bars from Paleo running momma, and I gotta say they are good, but there are A LOT of nuts in them, and I can't even eat a whole one. I probably won't batch these again, but I do think they will be helpful additional calories & protein when I need an easy grab.

I am planning on making some pre-made breakfast burritos, as soon as I can find Siete's burrito wraps (grain-free tortilla option). For the burritos, I will make them using:

  • Burrito wrap

  • Scrambled egg yolks (personally avoiding egg-whites right now)

  • Bacon or sausage

  • Roasted root veggies (beets, sweet potatoes, carrots)

  • sliced avocado

I'll wrap them in aluminum foil and freeze them.

Tips for freezer meals:

  • Choose your favorite soups, chilis, casseroles, etc

  • Make 1-3 batches of each

  • Break them into smaller serving sizes, enough for your family size

  • Freeze them fresh

  • Pull them out the day before to let them thaw

  • You can reheat faster by placing in the oven on lower heat for 20-30 mins or placing back into the instant pot and pressure cook for 5 mins.

    • I do not recommend microwaving ANYtime in plastic, even if it is "BPA free".

Other freezer meal blogs & resources:

Do you have more questions?? Shoot me a message or email me, I'll be happy to help.


Amelia Hunt, FNTP

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