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Step 1: Schedule a Free 30 Minute Call

The first step is to book a 30 minute free consultation. We will determine which Nutritional Therapy package is right for you during that phone call.  

Step 2: Choose your package


One time appointments: 

  • Without testing: $130

  • With testing: $200

  • This is a one time appointment where you want my best advice and direction without longer term support. You can decide if you want testing for more answers and I give you a full plan for you to follow. 

  • This is also an excellent choice for infant - 12 year old clients where I meet with just parents. 

Basic Nutritional Therapy: 

  • 3 Months: $350

  • 6 Months: $600

  • 1 Appointment per month

  • Personalized nutrition & lifestyle recommendation plans to target your health goals

  • Text or email as needed for support and accountability throughout the length of the package

  • **No testing available**

Complete Nutritional Therapy:

  • 6 months minimum: $860 (+ testing costs)

  • 1 session per month 

  • Personalized nutrition & lifestyle recommendation plans to target your health goals

  • Text or email as needed for support and accountability throughout the length of the package

  • GIMAP stool test ($381)  to determine any and all imbalances in the microbiome. (1 test at the beginning and we retest 4 months later)

  • MRT Food Sensitivity test ($355) to determine your food sensitivities and create an even more unique nutrition plan

  • A complete nutrition and supplement protocol to eradicate imbalances in your gut and relieve the symptoms you are experiencing​​

The Whole Family Food sensitivity plan:

  • 1 time appointment: $150 per family member (+testing)

  • Food Sensitivity Test per person: $355

  • Review everyone's food sensitivities in the appointment

  • I will help you get everyone's needs and priorities lined up to make daily meals manageable

Lab Testing Information:

These tests are specialty tests that most doctors will not run because insurance companies will not cover them. These tests are not covered through insurance, they are paid for out-of-pocket. I do not make any profit on these tests, this is the direct cost of the testing, therefore the cost can't be adjusted. 

  • GIMAP Test: $381, ​This test measures pathogens in your digestive tract: bacteria, fungus, and parasites. It also tells us your inflammation load, digestive enzymes, healthy bacterial flora, blood in your stool, and if gluten is wrecking havoc.

  • MRT Food Sensitivity Test: $355, This is a blood test that is about 94% accurate and tells us what your low, moderate, and high food sensitivities are. This does not measure allergies to foods nor does it confirm a Celiac diagnosis, only sensitivities. When you avoid these foods for a minimum of 3 months it can improve your health significantly.

Step 3: Know what you're getting into

Good information to know before committing to Nutritional Therapy:

  • I am not a doctor, I cannot diagnose.

  • I do not accept insurance due to insurance companies not recognizing Nutritional Therapy as a viable source of quality healthcare, therefore costs are all out-of-pocket. 

  • I do not overrule your doctors advice. I take an alternative approach from the traditional medical field, but I have respect for your doctor and the choices that they make for your health. I will however, remind you that it is your health and that you always have a choice in how you approach your health of your body.

  • My only expectation of you: be committed to your health goals. If you aren't committed and trust the process, it is very difficult to get very far. 

  • I give you the information and tools you need to succeed and reach your health goals, I do not and cannot do everything for you. I will support you, encourage you, and give advice, but it is up to you to put the plan in motion. 

  • I do not meal plan for you. I will direct you to resources and can even give you templates to create a meal plan, but I do not do this for you.


  • Lets get to know each other to see if this is the right path for you.
    30 min
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