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All my favorite products all in one spot

Updated: 6/2023

Food, supplements, & healthy lifestyle finds

Thrive Market is my favorite online grocery store. I trust their products because of their incredible high standards for healthy food they supply. I get all my shelf stable food, cleaning supplies, and other products there instead of from the health food store because of how affordable they are in comparison!

If you don't already have a Thrive membership, here is 40% off your first order! (not an affiliate, just love them so much!)

My favorite coconut milk, I love this brand because its 1 ingredient, coconut. Just as it should be.

Magnesium Salt Flakes, love to use 1 cup of these in a warm bath 2-3x a week. Improve sleep and magnesium levels.

Dead sea soak on Amazon

My favorite face SPF

Cocokind daily SPF on Amazon (can also by direct from Cocokind)

Trace Minerals, I use these for promoting adequate water hydration. They improve our ability to actually absorb water.

Trace minerals on Amazon

Cocokind skincare favorites

Acure skincare favorites

I go back and forth between these two face washes

Nordic Naturals ultimate omega supplement. We all need a little more essential fatty acids in our life! and this brand is actually amazing.

More to come, I'm sure... :)

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