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The Hunt Wellness Movement Challenge!

I need a little kick start myself, so join me starting in April 3rd for a 4 week movement challenge! This is geared to not be to intense and for you to be able to fit things in at home before or after work or during your little ones nap time! All you need is a minimum of 20 mins and a max of 40 mins. No gym is required, but if you do have a gym membership you can easily accomplish these things there as well!

Equipment is needed: minimum 2lb weights or if you don't have weights use canned food! anything that weights the same amount will do! You will also need a mat. If you want more of a challenge you could add in bands to some of your leg movements too.

Here is a free 4 week calendar for you to follow. The challenge is Monday - Friday, Saturdays & Sundays are reserved for play & rest - this can be whatever you want it to be.

Hunt Wellness Movement Challenge
Download PDF • 62KB

Here are some great YouTube Classes to choose from:



Weights & abs:

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