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Pantry Organization (+ Free Paleo Pantry Labels)!

Do you ever wish you could look at your pantry and not feel anxious?

When I started the Autoimmune Protocol 4 years ago I got rid of everything in my kitchen that was not compliant, I'm a big fan of a good clean out and re-organize - it makes my heart so happy! When I did that and started adding in all these new flours I had never heard of and spices I had never used, and it felt a little overwhelming. I also get suuuuuuper annoyed at all the flour bags (anyone else??). So I decided to make everything uniform and label all of the jars. This helped me get excited about cooking and it also made it easier to find everything I needed.

Here is a step by step how to organize your pantry!

  1. Remove everything from the shelving, wipe down the shelves.

  2. Create 2-3 piles: keep, throw, and give away

  3. Buy all new and uniform glass containers, or reuse, for all the flours, spices, and pantry items.

  4. Print off my free Paleo Pantry Labels! Cut out your favorites and follow the tutorial for how to put them on.

  5. Fill the containers with flours, spices, and pantry items.

  6. Place everything back on the shelves in an orderly manner.

When you need to refill spices, I recommend finding a source that you can buy them in bulk, natural food stores typically carry flours and spices this way. Below is how I store all my bulk spices and flours.


Watch this tutorial on how to organize your pantry and how to apply the Free Paleo Pantry Labels:


FREE Paleo Pantry Labels, Download below!




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