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Traveling while on an Elimination Diet

Traveling has been so limited in the last year, things are starting to look up and vacation is on many folks minds especially with summer around the corner! Here are all my travel tips for those that are on strict elimination diets, but still wanting to travel and enjoy vacation.

I have put together a list of easy travel foods, that can even go in your carry-on baggage. This also includes what the heck to do when you arrive at your destination. Traveling while on any elimination diet is never easy, so it requires some planning... here is the run down of how I still enjoy my life while working to heal my body.

Snacks while in route to your destination:

  • Simple Mills Crackers

  • Justin's Almond Butter packets

  • Beef Jerky: Chomps or Stryve are good brands.

  • Seaweed packs

  • Coconut chips

  • Salami or Prosciutto (can stay room temp until opened, a great protein snack)

  • AIP Flatbread: Make ahead of time and make a premade "sandwich" for the flight. (recipe found in the Healing Kitchen cookbook, its the "pizza crust", I double the recipe and use it as flatbread instead.)

  • Serving size guacamole packets, or an avocado and use an airport knife.

  • Fresh veggies: carrots, celery, etc.

  • Fresh fruit: tangerines, banana, apple, etc.

Ideas for what to do while vacationing:

Once I have arrived at my destination, I already have food planned out, if I don't I will go full ham and eat anything I want.

IF you are in the strict elimination phases, it is important to hold yourself together even on vacation. Here are some ideas for what I do that while on strict protocols:

Driving to destination:

  • If I'm going camping (car camping) I have a stove, pan, cooler, knife & cutting board, all my veggies and meat I need to cook my meals all while still have loads of fun and relaxing.

  • If I'm on a road trip, I have a cooler full of food already prepared and I heat things up at gas station microwaves or I eat it cold. When booking lodging, I make sure that it includes at least a refrigerator and microwave. Then I can store all my food for the trip. I also make sure I bring my instant pot, incase I run out of premade food and need to sauté something up.

  • Don't really want to do much cooking? or are Backpacking? Wild Zora and/or Paleo on the go will be your best friend. Wild Zora has freeze dried meals that are actually delicious. Paleo on the go (while it may be on the pricey side) all you have to do is heat it up.

Flying to destination:

  • I strongly encourage you to find lodging that has a full kitchen, with everything you need to cook your meals, THEN you just head to the grocery store pick up compliant foods and make your meals.

  • If having a kitchen is not possible, I would go to grocery stores and/or restaurants to create your meals to align with your protocol. This means getting specific with your waiter/waitress and making up meals that are probably not on their menu things like:

    • salad with no dressing

    • chicken or steak with no seasonings but salt & herbs with a side of compliant veggies

    • a lettuce burger with a side salad

    • ordering from the "sides" part of the menu

  • Wild Zora meals can be packed in your suit case easily if you want compliant elimination meals.

Going on vacation but not in the strict elimination phase?

If you are not in the elimination phase, I tell many of my clients to release a little of that "food control" and enjoy themselves. Most of the time when you are having fun and are more relaxed food goes over much better even if you typically struggle with it. So instead of being super strict maybe release the reigns to only GF & DF and everything else is allowed... Do what you feel is best for you in order for you to FULLY enjoy your vacation.

Happy traveling foodies!



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