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10 Stress Management tips in a Stressful Work Environment

Maybe you are dealing with an unreasonable or micro-managing boss, or you have that one co-worker that you clash horribly with, whatever your stressful issue is here are a few tips that may help.

1. Get a good night sleep

We do not function well when we don’t sleep well. Tips for better sleep: reduce sugar and caffeine intake, Don’t eat after 8pm at night, have a cup of chamomile tea, enjoy an Epsom salts bath, read a book, turn off electronics 2hrs before bed.

2. Move your body

Before or after work find time to move. Your lunch break and breaks are good times to do this too. We are not meant to sit all day, to be healthy we must move.

3. Communication

This is the first important step in any relationship. Don’t be afraid to communicate what is important, and if something is stressful find a way to communicate that things need to be different.

4. Set boundaries

Setting boundaries can be extremely difficult, but you won’t regret it. Example: Your co-worker interrupts you during your lunch (AGAIN), ask the co-worker to give you your time as this is an important time to re-energize.

5. Ask for a deadline

When you’ve been asked to do a project—ask for a deadline, if its an unreasonable timeline, say I can complete this by x time. (setting boundaries)

6. Take your breaks!

This is an extremely important time, do not waste them, find ways to decompress effectively for you. Take a walk outside and connect with nature, visit with a friend, eat, leave your desk, or breathe deep. **Being on your phone is not an effective stress management tool.

7. Break the tension and have an office chat

Sometimes the tension can be unbearable between people, for YOUR sanity start a friendly conversation, do something funny, tell a funny story or a joke. This “office chat” will surprise you, find things in common, build rapport, these chats will begin breaking down walls that were built a mile high.

8. Be a light and remain positive

People in a toxic work environment can be so negative and even you can’t muster up the courage to be positive, but this is an important step in making the work environment better for YOU. Give complements to your co-workers, say positive things about the work everyone is doing, you will NOT regret how far this can go. Negativity is contagious, but so is positivity.

9. Do not add to the chaos or stress

Remain calm and objective when all hell breaks lose


Leave work at work, if you need vent to your friend/partner/spouse do it for a limited time then leave it at the door. Make a shift in your mind to segregate the two, do not let work blend into your sanctuary.

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