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Meet Our Founder:

Amelia Hunt, FNTP

At Hunt Wellness, we are dedicated to helping individuals with Crohn's & Colitis through personalized and holistic nutritional therapy. Our founder, Amelia Hunt, has Crohn's disease and has a deep understanding of what what you are going through. With her expertise and passion, she is committed to guiding you on your journey to getting your disease under control. 

Why Naturopathy

1. Schedule a Call

Fresh Food

2. Complete lab testing

Pumpkin Soup

3. Experience real change

Meet Amelia

what to expect

   IBD is an exhausting disease and rarely predictable. I started Hunt Wellness to help others just like me... struggling for answers. My approach is fairly simple. Run professional lab testing first, develop a diet that is made for your body combined with diet that is designed to lower inflammation. Once your body is cooled down enough we then move to lifestyle changes: stress load, movement, sleep, connection, etc. If taken seriously you can experience remission as well!

My Story

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2002 and have been fighting and searching for answers ever since. In 2016, I discovered Nutritional Therapy and it changed my life. I went into symptom remission within 2 weeks. by 2020 I was off all medication and managing with diet and lifestyle changes alone. However, the healing path is never straight, but was healed enough to get pregnant and met our daughter in 2021. Pregnancy flared my immune system and I am back in the slow and steady healing method to control my symptoms. 

Why Nutritional Therapy?

 My role as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) is to educate and encourage clients (and our community) to choose and prepare the healthiest food to maximize your health. I use the health foundations (below) of Nutritional therapy & professional lab testing to determine the best healing method for your body.


Properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole food diet.


Absorbing and assimilating the

nutrients we eat.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Ensuring a steady, balanced supply of energy

Fatty Acid Balance

Absorbing and utilizing healthy fats

for fuel, structure, and healing.

Mineral Balance

Absorbing and utilizing Macro and Micronutrients


Supplying cells and tissues with sufficient water


Book A Consultation

No matter where you are in your healthy journey the first step is to book a 15 minute free consultation. Together we will determine if Nutritional Therapy is right for you.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


"I suffer from an autoimmune disease and after a short period of time working with Amelia, I saw huge healing changes & a major turn around in my symptoms. After 4 years of battling this disease, I have had more success working with Amelia than I have with any doctor or naturopath. She is SO knowledgeable and so caring. She wants to see you heal and she will certainly help you get there!"

- Samantha Papp

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