Nutritional Therapy

All about creating a plan that is unique to your body so you can feel better and have a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. 


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Do you suffer from any of these?

Crohn's Disease
Digestive Disorders
Feel like skipping meals
Skin issues
Mental health condition

Can't lose or gain weight
Sugar or caffeine cravings
Worrier, anxious, nervous

Ulcerative Colitis
Food Sensitivities
Migraines or headaches
Liver Problems
Gallbladder Removed
Have no energy
Autoimmune Disease

Dark circles under your eyes

Nutritional Therapy can help.

Why Nutritional Therapy?

My role as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) is to educate and encourage clients (and our community) to choose and prepare the healthiest food to maximize your health. How I do that is by focusing on the health foundations below.


Properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole food diet.


Absorbing and assimilating the

nutrients we eat.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Ensuring a steady, balanced supply of energy

Fatty Acid Balance

Absorbing and utilizing healthy fats

for fuel, structure, and healing.

Mineral Balance

Absorbing and utilizing Macro and Micronutrients


Supplying cells and tissues with sufficient water

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Healthy doesn't have to be complicated!

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Hunt Wellness is currently full and won't be accepting new clients until March 2022. Amelia will be on maternity leave.

While you wait to get in, I highly recommend purchasing the Mastering your Autoimmune disease online course to get you started on the right path!

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