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Do you suffer from any of these?

Crohn's Disease


Digestive Disorders


Feel like skipping meals

Skin issues



Can't lose or gain weight

Sugar or caffeine cravings

Worrier, anxious, nervous

Ulcerative Colitis


Food Sensitivities

Migraines or headaches

Liver Problems

Gallbladder Removed


Have no energy


Dark circles under your eyes


Nutritional Therapy can help.

Why Nutritional Therapy?

My role as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) is to educate and encourage clients (and our community) to choose and prepare the healthiest food to maximize your health. How I do that is by focusing on the health foundations below.


Properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole food diet.


Absorbing and assimilating the

nutrients we eat.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Ensuring a steady, balanced supply of energy

Fatty Acid Balance

Absorbing and utilizing healthy fats

for fuel, structure, and healing.

Mineral Balance

Absorbing and utilizing Macro and Micronutrients


Supplying cells and tissues with sufficient water

Healthy doesn't have to be complicated!

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No matter where you are in your healthy journey the first step is to book a 30 minute free consultation. Together we will determine if Nutritional Therapy is the right for you.


Who Am I?

 I have been a Crohn's Disease fighter for well over fifteen years and have achieved clinical and symptom remission using Nutritional Therapy!

 Listen to how I have brought real change to my life by eating real food and making holistic changes to my lifestyle. 

How nutritional therapy changed my life.

Amelia Hunt, FNTP

          I'm Amelia Hunt, and I have been a Crohn's Disease fighter for well over fifteen years. I tried countless diets, alternative methods, and medications. I've had more colonoscopies than I can count, and I've had two bowel obstructions. Thank God, I haven't had to remove any of my colon. I was so tired of fighting this irritating, debilitating pain, and my constant need to know where the nearest bathroom was. Exasperated, I turned to nutritional therapy at the advice of a friend, and it restored my hope. Within one week, 75% of my symptoms had resolved, and in four weeks, I was able to exercise again and return to a life more normal than I could ever dream of. Today, four years later, I haven't had any flares.  

        For years, I knew if I could find hope in this disease, I would want to help others with the pain they deal with everyday. This led me to Nutritional Therapy Association, through which I became certified as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

         If you are searching for an alternate path for relief, Nutritional Therapy can help. I specialize in digestive disorders, which can include Crohn's disease, Colitis, Irritable bowel disease (IBD) and much more.  My hope is to empower you to take control of your own journey toward restoration and healing. 

        I take a holistic approach when I work with clients. I want to get to know you and all the crazy things you've been through! We dig in deep to find the root causes of your health concerns, and I work to find and make the best plan to fit you. This includes a comprehensive nutrition assessment, food and mood journal, physical assessment and a tailor-made nutritional road map to meet your health goals. In this process, I will provide you with tangible and realistic steps to take.

        We all know getting and staying healthy is challenging! My aim is to come alongside you to provide personal support and guidance to overcome your challenges. You will not find a one-size-fits all program with me; everything is built individually for your healing journey. Nutritional Therapy is about creating a sustainable lifestyle and lasting wellness, and all I want is to help you feel better.

                                                                                                                        - Amelia Hunt, FNTP



My experience working with Amelia was great!! Aside from being super sweet and adorable, she is very knowledgeable and thorough. I reached out to her after years of frustration dealing with candida symptoms and not finding any solutions. She really took the time to understand what my needs and goals were, and helped me find the best path to reach them. With her encouragement and guidance over 90 days of clean eating all of my symptoms had improved or resolved completely! I am so thankful to have found her and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking nutritional coaching!

- Lisa Wamble

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