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Hey Guys! We all have those days where we just REALLY don't want to cook!

Then we have those times in life where your group of friends go out for dinner or drinks, you have family gatherings, or a life celebration - these are all wonderful reasons to enjoy eating out and your loved ones. This is just part of our culture,

and it gives many of us a major case of FOMO. I am here to bring a little sigh of relief to your anxiety with eating out. I've had a few years to really figure out this eating out thing and starting to get the hang of it and thought I would share what I have learned.

Step 1: Research restaurants in your town

  • Fast-food and large chain restaurants are never good options when trying to stay healthy and eating out, period. They ALL use low quality foods, and unhealthy fats. Even the salads seem to be unhealthy.

  • Do they have items on the menu that looks sort of close to your diet?

  • My biggest tip is search for locally ran restaurants, you will have the best luck with food there.

Step 2: What's the food quality like?

  • Is it fresh, local, frozen, low quality nutrients, etc.? I talk to a manager or a server to find these things out.

  • 9 times out of 10, if its high quality food they are proud to announce it and it will be right there on their menu or website.

Step 3: What's on the menu?

  • Do the menu items look close to your diet? Find something that looks good based on your dietary boundaries.

  • Does the meal contain 80% of your diet?

  • EXAMPLE: I'm about 80% paleo, when I eat out my standards go down to dairy free/gluten free. So I will look for gluten free items on the menu. I feel crazy lucky when I find something fully within my diet!

Step 4: Make alterations to your order.

  • Do they have GF bread? ask for that instead